At Godrich Flour Mills we have built our business and reputation on simple, yet essential principles:

To provide an exceptional product compliant to the highest standards, and providing our customers with excellent service.

The vision of Godrich Flour Mills is to remain one of the preferred suppliers of wheat flour and maize meal to the bakery industry and consumer markets of South Africa.

Company History

The Company was incorporated on 20 February 1950 and is 100% owned by Godrich Investments (proprietary) Limited. The Company can however trace back their origin as far as 1902, when Harry Godrich, the great grandfather of the current MD, Anthony Godrich, came to a sunny little town in South Africa, named Bronkhorstspruit.

The family legacy continues with current directors and MD, Harry, John and Anthony Godrich (MD) and other family members embroiled in the family business providing technical skills and knowledge to the Company

As at 31 October 2012 Godrich Flour Mills employed 144 people permanently comprising 21 female (14.5%) and 123 male (85.4%) employees. The racial breakdown of its workforce was 31 Caucasian (21.5%) and 113 Africa (78.5%) employees. It also provided employment to 3 disabled people.
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Executive Management

Anthony Godrich
Tel: (013) 932 0155
Email: tony@godrichmills.co.za

Harry Godrich
Tel: (013) 932 0155
Email: harry@godrichmills.co.za

John Godrich
Tel: (013) 932 0164
Email: john@godrichtoyota.co.za