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Since 1786

Our Humble Beginnings…

It can be said that flour runs through the veins of the Godrich family. Dating as far back as 1786, we’ve been milling flour for generations – first in Hampshire, England, then in Wickham, and today in South Africa.

In 1899, Harry Godrich joined the Royal Constabulary and made his way to SA to fight in the Anglo-Boer War. After the war, being the second son, there seemed no need to return to England. As he was a qualified millstone sharpener, he was asked to sharpen the stones of a little water mill in the village of Erasmus (now known as Bronkhorspruit).

Over the years, he gradually grew the business into the monolith we know today. Through the advancement of technology and implementation of new, cutting edge machinery, the mill has been expanded and developed to where it is now.

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History of Godrich Mills – Since 1786

Harry Godrich – 

After he started working at the little mill in Erasmus, he then later took over the business. This was when Godrich Mills started in South Africa in 1902. Being a progressive sort of man, he developed the mill into a new steam powered mill. He had 6 children, all of whom worked in the mill. The three girls kept the wheels turning whilst the boys went off to fight in the Second World War (1939-1945).

The Children –

After demobbing, they with their wives joined the family milling business again. They too progressed the company by bringing electricity to the little village and a new mill was built. The business grew and soon two of the brothers bought their brother and sisters out, and so the second generation of Godrich in SA continued. 












































Godrich Mills –
New Generation

New Generation –

It was a long and often frustrating time, but Tony had set his goals, and together with his cousin Harry, they slowly worked their way to creating a business that they can be proud of. Godrich Mills now boasts two fully automated mills.

Tony has three daughters, Karen, Nancy and Candace, a son-in-law Jacques as well as his cousin Harry, working in the business with him. The fourth generation is now active in the business. So whenever you see the following on the trucks and bags – ‘Family Millers with distinction’, it is not just an idle boast, but a true family of millers.